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Information to help you and your pets find:

  • Boarders
  • Daycare
  • Groomers
  • Dog Training Classes


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To everyone who helped make the 2nd annual chicken BBQ possible!

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Our Cortland Community SPCA Spay/Neuter Program started in 1998. A group of Cortland County SPCA Board of Director members and volunteers from the community joined together to make a plan to do something about the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Cortland County. This group pooled their monies and raised further funds through donations from the community to spay and neuter as many shelter animals as possible. 

abc1Thanks to a generous donation from Helen Long in 2000 and with the help of local veterinarians, public cats and dogs from low income owners were added to the program. In 2003 Dr. Leslie Appel, Professor and veterinarian with Cornell University, started Shelter Outreach Services. This is a non-profit, low cost spay/neuter program. A highly trained veterinarian and licensed vet tech travel to shelters and rescue groups to perform spay/neuter clinics. You can visit their website at for more information about this outstanding organization. One important component of their program is the help of faithful volunteers. These volunteers help with the handling and care of the animals during the clinic, in addition to other related tasks.  

Our fist clinics were held at the shelter but the space there was very restrictive. We moved them to the old Cortlandville Fire Station, which was an improvement but less than ideal. In 2005 we opened our own clinic building adjacent to the shelter. This newly renovated building was the result of generous donations of time, money and materials. It provides the perfect setting for our clinics.

Our current prices are: 
  • Cat Spays $80.00
  • Cat Neuters $50.00
  • Dog Spays $135.00
  • Dog Neuters $110.00
  • Rabies and distemper vaccinations$15.00

Advantage flea treatment: 
  • Dogs $10.00
  • Cats $5.00
  • Ear mite treatment $5.00
Download the Spay-Neuter Registration Form PDF below or stop at the shelter at 879 McLean Road, Cortland for an application.


posticon Thank You For Your Donation

Thank you very much for your donation.  

posticon Board of Directors & Operations Staff

Board of Directors:                  Operations Staff:  
President: Cheryl Hicks           Chief Law Enforcement Officer William Carr
Vice President: Robert Bittner      Adminstrative Assistant Wendy Tyler
Treasurer:  Anne Zartarian        
Sharon Blatchley Valerie Shank        
Michelle Harlen George VanWicklen        
JoAnn Lamey          

posticon Foster Care Program

What is the Foster Care Program, and Why Is It Important?
    • The Cortland County SPCA places some animals in the homes of volunteers, who take care of them temporarily. 
    • The foster care program helps to save lives, by giving a second chance to animals who need special attention and would otherwise have a hard time becoming ready for adoption. 
    • Once the animals are ready to be adopted, they are returned to the shelter.
    What kind of animals can be placed in foster care?
    • Kittens and puppies, either with or without nursing moms, who are too young to be vaccinated, neutered and adopted; animals recovering from injuries or surgery; treatable sick animals who need socialization to become comfortable with humans or training to correct behavior issues, are first candidates for fostering.
    • Animals who simply need some quiet and TLC in a home environment are also candidates for foster care.
    What do foster parents do?
    • Provide plenty of appropriate food and shelter in the foster parent's home.
    • Ensure basic care (grooming, training and socializing).
    • Return the animals to the shelter for vaccinations.
    • Make the animals available for adoption events (such as adoptathons).
    • Once the pet is adoptable, return the animals to the shelter or put the shelter in touch with someone who wishes to adopt them.

    What does the CCSPCA provide?
    • Vaccinations for all animals.
    • Basic medical care such as injected fluids, flea and ear mite treatment, and antibiotics. 
    • Special diet food if necessary.

    How do I get a foster pet?
    • Click on the Application link below to print out a application in PDF format. 

      Foster Care Application

      If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here for more information: 

      get adobe reader

      Once you print out the application, fill it out and drop it off at the shelter. If you cannot open PDF files or do not want to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, please call the shelter or stop in for an application (607-753-9386)

    • If approved, receive short orientation.
    • Get a call from the shelter.
    • Sign a foster care agreement, pick up the animal, and enjoy taking care of your foster pet!

    posticon Mission Statement

    To strive to prevent cruelty to animals. To stop pet over population.
    To promote public responsibility for the humane care, treatment and well-being of all animals
    through adoption, education, investigation and action.

    posticon About

    We are the only full service animal welfare organization in Cortland County. We are a NO Kill shelter. We rely on donations, fundraising for our operating budget. We welcome volunteers to assist us in the care and socialization of or cats and dogs, as well as numerous other opportunities.

    Humane Law Enforcement: We cover animal abuse for Cortland County and our Dog control for Cincinnatus, Cortlandville, the Village of McGraw, Lapeer, the town and village of Marathon, and the City of Cortland.

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