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Adoption Fees include:
Spaying or Neutering - Current Vaccinations - FeLV Screening for cats - De-worming - Free bag of pet food
Cats: $30
Kittens: $45 or two for $75
Dogs: $110
Small Breed Dogs and Puppies $150


Sparkles Sparkles is about 8 years old and is a chubby 43 pounds. She has just the right amount of energy and likes other dogs as well as people. She is in foster care and if you are interested we can have her foster family contact you to arrange a meeting. Because of her age, her adoption fees are reduced.

Tiger Lily Tiger Lily is about 4 years old and a tiny 6 pounds. Life at the farm where she was abandoned was not very kind to her. She sustained an injury that required surgical repair and she has permanent damage to her right front elbow. Tiger Lily does not appreciate other cats, but despite her physical suffering, she has maintained her love for people. She would definitely like to be someone’s lap warmer.

Buddy Buddy is less than a year old and weighs about 40 pounds. He is a happy, bouncy, playful, affectionate youngster who was not happy confined in a kennel at the shelter. He is currently enjoying the benefits of a loving foster home and two other canine companions. If you would like to meet him, please contact the shelter and we will put you in touch with the foster parents.

AVIS & AlAMO Avis and Alamo were abandoned by their owner. They were rescued together, and as you can see…really need to go home together. Both are very playful and affectionate. They’re a BOGO deal…pay the adoption fee of $30 for one and the second one comes along for free.

TRACY Tracy needs an outdoor home. He came into the shelter as a stray during the bitter cold weather, but really doesn't like to be picked up and handled. He's 1 to 2 years old and gets along well with the other cats. Tracy is neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, treated for fleas and earmites, FeLV/FIV negative...and free to a good home.

SHILO Shiloh is a happy, healthy, active, 9-year-old black lab. She weighs about 58 pounds. Shiloh is very affectionate and particularly loves to play with tennis balls. When she first came to the shelter she had a significant loss of hair due to a flea allergy, but her hair is growing back in nicely now. Shiloh spends some of her time in a foster home and has proven to be good with other dogs and small children.

LANDON Landon is less than a year old. On September 19 he came to the shelter as a stray with an injured back leg. X-rays indicated surgery would be required and a 4 week recuperation period would follow. The surgery was successful, and although he has a permanent limp to his stride, he is once again a very happy, very loving, and very playful kitty.

TURISMO: Turismo came to the shelter as a stray with 5 kittens in August. She is about one year old. Turismo is friendly but also independent and not really a lap cat. She would be happy as an outdoor cat and probably be a good mouser. Her adoption fees have been waived.

LADY JANE: Lady Jane is about 8 years old. She was surrendered as a "neighborhood stray" November 28, 2012. She was adopted February 9, 2013. On June 8, 2013 her adopter returned her to the shelter and tried to adopt a kitten. Lady Jane says this is no way to treat a Lady and is very sad. She’s a healthy kitty and promises not to be a bother.

DIZZY: Dizzy is a Manx, which means she was born without a tail. She came to the shelter as a stray on July 3. She is about 3 years old, loves people and is getting along well with the other cats at the shelter.

NOVA: Nova came to the shelter as a stray with three kittens on June 28. She is about a year old. She likes some people and some people she doesn’t. She likes some cats and some cats she doesn’t. She’d be just as happy as an outdoor kitty and is probably a pretty good “mouser”.


Isuzu came to the shelter in May as a stray with 5 kittens…Integra, Intrepid, Impala, Insight and Impulse. The kittens have all been adopted, but she is still waiting for her forever home. We don’t know what happened to her ears but we do know they don’t require any medical treatment. Isuzu is 2 to 3 years old, loves people and gets along with the other cats. Her adoption fees have been waived…that means she’s free.


Patterson isn’t a puppy and he isn’t old either. He’s a beagle mix who weighs about 50 pounds. Patterson likes young people and old people, plays well with other dogs but cats think he is a nuisance. He has lots of energy and sometimes dances in a circle for a treat. Patterson also sits for treats and is learning leash walking manners. He’s always happy to greet you and likes to share his toys with you…in other words he’s adorable. Patterson says, “I’ve been here since May 7 and everyone thinks I’m overdue for my forever home.” Don’t you agree?


Momma Ford and her four kittens were sick, bedraggled and abandoned in cardboard boxes on the shelter steps in April. The kittens...Falcon, Fairlane, Fiesta and Focus have been adopted. Aren't Momma and Focus adorable? Wouldn't it be wonderful if mama had a home?


Jazzy turned 8 years old on May 6. She weighs about 70 pounds. She's bouncy and lively and doesn’t at all seem her age. Jazzy has lived with children and cats and she is in a doggie play group but can be particular about canine companions. She sits and shakes on command. Jazzy loves to be outdoors and to go for walks. We’re not sure if it’s her age or her “spooky” blue eye, but there is little interest in this beautiful dog. We are waving her fees (that means she’s free) with the hope that someone would notice her and give her a second chance at happiness.






These charming characters want to be wanted!

Monty has been waiting since January, when his owner moved and didn’t take him along.

Louie was abandoned by his owner and has also been waiting since January. Louie loves the outdoors and loves attention but isn’t good with other cats

Pearl is a recent addition to our family and is such a loving kitty, we’re hoping she doesn’t have to wait long for someone to adopt her.

Ellie, less than a year old, came in February with her gray sister who has already been adopted.

So we ask you…what’s wrong with black and white…we think they wear it beautifully!! Any one of these kitties will make a wonderful companion, and just to make our point, we have reduced their adoption fees in half.


Please, Please, Please take me home!

I don’t like other cats and there are so many here!!

I love people!!

I’m just too beautiful!!

Please, Please, Pleeeeas…take me home!!


We just can’t believe it!!! Angelina came in January 18 with 3 kittens that were adopted weeks ago. She’s had her picture on our web Home Page since January but she’s still not adopted. She’s young, affectionate and gets along well with other cats…so what’s the problem? Now we are waiving her adoption fees and that means she’s free for the purrfect adopter.


Crystal loves her sink so we let her sleep here whenever she wants to. She was abandoned by her owners when they moved from their apartment. She is about 2 years old. If she would only stand up for you, you would see what unusual black and white markings she has. Crystal is very sweet and likes to be petted. She gets along well with the other cats. If you are interested in meeting her…you’ll know where to find her.


Martha is about 5 years old. She was left behind when her owners moved and the new family didn’t want her either. She lived outdoors and in the garage for a long time before coming to the shelter. She was originally adopted from the Tompkins County SPCA and was micro chipped and spayed. Sometime before coming to us, Martha injured her left eye. It became apparent that her eye needed to be removed so we proceeded with surgery. Needless to say, Martha is ready for a forever home. We think she has suffered enough neglect, indifference, and physical pain…don’t you agree? Martha’s fees have been waived.


We don’t know too much about Gregory because he came in as a stray. We do know he is older and seems in good health. He is very affectionate and gets along well with our other cats. His fees have been waived to help him compete with some of the younger guys here.


Anyone remember the Frankie Avalon hit song “Venus”? In part, it goes like this:

Hey Venus, Oh Venus
Venus if you will
Please send a little girl for me to thrill
A girl who wants my kisses and my arms
A girl with all the charms of you

Venus goddess of love that you are
Surely the things that I ask
Can't be to great a task
Venus if you do
I promise that I always will be true
I'll give her all the love I have to give
as long as we both shall live

Hey Venus, Oh Venus
Make my wish come true

Our young, beautiful, loving (and very plump) Venus is looking for someone who will promise to be true and give her all the love they have to give as long as they both shall live...can you make her wish come true?


Duke is 9-12 months old and weighs 90 pounds. He is extremely affectionate, extremely playful and extremely bouncy. Although we are working on his lack of big dog manners, he still behaves like an 8-week-old, 90 pound puppy. Duke would be too unruly (not aggressive) around small children. He's good with other dogs and would do well in a home with another big playful dog...and an adopter experienced with training big dogs. If you’re up to the challenge...come visit...he’d love to take you for a walk!!

Lady Jane

Lady Jane is about 8 years old. She was surrendered as a "neighborhood stray". Although usually quite charming, she can be pretty opinionated. She does not like other cats or dogs, but does like to be petted and talked to. Her adoption fees have been you could have this royal lady for long as you treat her with the love and devotion she deserves.

Shy Flower

My owners moved and didn’t take me with them. I’m so scared here, I barely move all day. If you put me on your lap and pet me…and are patient…I will rub your hand and purr. I’m about 7 years old and need a quiet home and a very loving and patient adopter. My adoption fees have been waived…that means I’m free!


Bucky came to the shelter with two large wounds on his back. Those wounds have now healed and he's ready for his forever home. Bucky is young, very affectionate and interactive with people, gets along with most cats and thinks dogs are great. You’ll find him in our lobby just waiting for you to pay him some attention...and better yet, to fall in love with him and take him home.


If you are looking for a beautiful, very sweet, gentle, lazy and affectionate lap cat, Gallagher is your guy. He's great with other cats too.


We think Shep is about 5 years old and he weighs about 60 pounds. He was rescued from a shelter in Pennsylvania that did not have room for him any longer. He lost a lot of hair from a flea and food allergy. He's been treated for fleas, he's on a special diet and his hair is growing back in nicely. He loves people and sits readily for treats. Shep needs a loving home without other dogs. His adoption fees have been reduced. Why not stop in to meet him...maybe you could even take him for a walk...he’d love it if you did.

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